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Journalism Online is a great way for people to get involved with what is happening in our world.  People turn to journalists to get reliable facts on what is really gong on in their life and community.

The world we live in is becoming more connected than ever and online journalism has grown step by step.  Thousands of new articles are posted each day on websites and blogs all over the world.

The online tools available to journalists have taken the profession to a new level.  The iPad and tablets have replaced the computer and wireless networks have extended their reach.

Journalism is the leading voice of the trends in politics, religion, entertainment, news, and culture.  Online writers, editors, and publishers are the core segments of the profession.

How to start a career in online journalism:

  • Experience is the best teacher. Those who have spent time writing and getting published will have an edge over anyone else.  You must love to write if you are interested in making it professionally.  Also you must be willing to constantly improve yourself without being told to by some superior, etc.
  • Get trained at an accredited college or university.  You can find information on this page about some of the best programs available today in online journalism.  The industry is very popular and growing as people have an insatiable appetite for high quality information.  As an online journalist trained by an accredited school you are on the launching pad for success in this growing industry.
  • Intern.  You will need to get out and intern at media and publishing companies in order to gain experience professionally.  If you are very motivated then you can find internships even if they are free to increase your resume and exposure.  Writers will talk about how people have been reading their stuff since they first started.  Imagine that.


Journalism Online is the future.

Search below for the most profitable articles and journalists to discover the real income  potential from this amazing industry.  Passion and consistency are two traits shared by the top journalists. Ex: Highest paid journalist



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