John Crawford III Murdered by Ohio Police In Walmart for Holding a Toy Gun he was Interested in Buying

Rest in peace John Crawford III

More proof of the ongoing war against Black Men in America, according to the attorney John Crawford III was murdered in cold blood by police on sight.  Here’s more on this story:


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Whistleblower Says CDC Knew in 2003 of Higher Autism Rate Among African-American Boys Receiving MMR Vaccine

More on this shocking story:

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Cornel West Calls out Obama on Ferguson

More on this story:

Cornel West mentioned Kenneth Chamberlin another horrific story of police brutality:

Marine Kenneth Chamberlain killed at home by Police after accidentally calling for medical help.

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Officer “Go Fuck Your Self” Suspended Indefinitely in Ferguson for threatening to KILL Protesters

More on this story:

Meanwhile cop admits if you “challenge cops” they will hurt you:

BUT WAIT there’s more St. Louis officers provide a demo of their mentality by killing Kajieme Powell and then cuffing him after having shot him dead.

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New Black Panther Party Exposed as Agent Provocateurs

I hope the good people in Ferguson PD realize that if Agent Provocateurs or professional instigators are being used in Missouri it would NOT be the first time.

Here’s more on this story:

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BREAKING NEWS: Anonymous Releases Info on Ferguson

It’s hard to know what to think about an anonymous group.

It could be the government?

Never want to trust anyone that throws a rock and hides their hand but then again in this day and age going through the property channels could get you locked up like most whistle blowers.

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What Blue Line? Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Sued for Raping Women at Traffic Stop

Oklahoma highway patrol Eric Roberts accused of raping women after forcing her to watch pornography.

He has been suspended WITH PAY.

More on this breaking story:

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SECRET POLICE? Ferguson PD Will NOT Reveal the Identity of the Officer who killed Teenager

Ferguson PD from Anonymous OpSafeKids on Vimeo.

They have the right to kill us we have the right to die.

More on this shocking story:


Image of the wooden bullets that were fired at people who were protesting the killing.

In the 60′s it was water cannons and dogs in 2014 it’s still dogs but now they shoot the batons at you: reports Dogs And Riot Gear Unleashed Upon Justice For Mike Brown Protesters [VIDEO]


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Police Kill Unarmed Teenager Michael Brown, 18 in St. Louis

Rest in peace Michael Brown more on this story:

MONDAY UPDATE:  Comments from St Louis webpage highlight racial divide:

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